Join Us for a Mini-Conference!

Attention ladies!  We are inviting you to join us on October 3, 2020 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for a Women’s Mini-Conference, “Beautifully Rooted in Hope.”  Come and join us for a wonderful morning featuring Trades of Hope and Pastor Amy Callender.  You will have the opportunity to hear how Trades of Hope is making a difference in the lives of women around the world, and then join in helping support their great cause.  Pastor Amy will also be sharing a message for us on how we can be beautifully rooted in hope.  The cost is $20 per person, and includes a delicious brunch.  There will also be worship, sharing of testimonies and more!  Please invite your friends and be sure to join us for a wonderful morning.  Seating is limited, so please purchase your tickets today.  You can do so by sending your money to the church (First Church of God, 13374 US 422, Kittanning, PA 16201) or by purchasing your tickets online by clicking here.  We hope to see you there!

Meet the Speaker

Pastor Amy Callander


I, Amy Callander, received a call to ministry in 2010- “you will speak the Name of Jesus” declared the Lord!  This came at a time of ministering through bedside nursing care in Home Health and Hospice.  It was while in this nursing role of comfort measures and the interdisciplinary team approach of dying patients and their families, that I became more readily aware God had me caring for the souls of patients over their physical needs and for the spiritual needs of the families.  I believe without a doubt that God has used my training as a nurse as a platform of service to individuals and families.  He has used this to grow my faith and deepen my walk with Him.


I am 44 years old. I am a child of God, a wife to an amazing man and blessed to be a Mother of a “soon to be” twenty year old son and a newly “licensed to drive” teenage daughter.  We have two dogs, a fish and chickens.  We enjoy spending time together!  We are an outdoors kind of family liking to go on long drives, walks, working in the yard, having picnics and spending time on the water in our kayaks, as well as spending time with extended family.  We work together and support one another! 


Eight years ago a position as secretary at Park Hill First Church of God had been vacant.  I had never considered this before, but God was starting to show me that He was going to use me in this role and that I would be used in ministry in this role.  I distinctly remember the great wrestling match I had with God about surrendering to this position, but regardless I knew that He wanted me to apply and six months later I did just that.  I thought at the time that I would never last as a secretary. I had never been one, but was continually assured through prayer that “God had a plan” and it was much grander than mine.  I shared with the Senior Pastor and the Board of Directors my heart’s desire of working to create strong families, a church community desiring and seeking God.  Having reflected back I’ve been blessed to be selected for this position. 


I am now the Associate Pastor of Administration at Park Hill.  I preach, teach, disciple within and outside the church.  I also lead and shepherd our Christian Ministries Team, which is the hub of ministries within our church.  I have been invited into the lives of many and have been extremely blessed.  I am passionate about sharing Christ with others, lovingly speaking Truth into lives. 

Trades of Hope is an organization that focuses o empowering women who live in extreme poverty and repressed areas of the world.  These women are given the opportunity to hand-craft jewelry, purses and other items and then sell them.  Ones these artisan pieces are sold, the proceeds return directly to the woman who made them.  As a result, women in repressed areas are no longer forced to work in sweatshops, turn their children in to orphanages or be susceptible to trafficking.  Women are able to obtain financial independence and find a way to support their families in spite of adversity.
During the conference, you will have an opportunity to purchase items made by these women and support the cause of this organization.  Below are some images of items that will be available for purchase.  You can also learn more about this company by visiting